Astronaut 2010 (Released 2014) Jason Oliva Wine


Jason Oliva Wine Astripey Horse Astronaut Stellenbosch
Jason Oliva Wine Astronaut and Stripey Horse

[Astronaut] 2010

Exciting news! Jason Oliva and Dirk Roos are currently in the process of producing the second release of Jason Oliva [Wine] … to be named Astronaut 2010.

Astronaut  is a 2010 vintage due for a June 2013 release and is promising to be another fantastic wine both inside and out.

The main blending components that Dirk is looking at are Cabarnet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Merlot and Petit Verdot.

Dirk’s main objective is to produce a wine with the following characteristics:

  1. True to variety & terroir

  2. Elegant

  3. Unadulterated

  4. Balanced

All reservation orders for bottles and magnums placed before May 2013 will receive a full allocation.

Feel free to join our  Allocation List to be notified when wine will be available and to receive and invitation to purchase.

For questions and order enquiries regarding [Astronaut] 2010, please contact Jason using the link below.


All enquiries: Contact Jason Oliva



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